Business owners, managers, executives, leaders, in fact, all professionals can face many challenges. Issues from personal performance, dysfunctional systems, office politics, the ever changing world and the abilities of leaders to set strategy, inspire and lead their staff can take a toll on both a professional and personal life.


As your coach, we will help you transform from a business professional to a conscious, values based leader who does good in the world, while doing well financially. What is values-based leadership? There are four principles. 1) Self-reflection. You must be willing to look within yourself and strive for greater awareness.  2) Balance. This simply means you consider all sides and opinions with an open mind. 3) True self-confidence. You accept yourself as you are. 4) Genuine humility. You never forget who you are or where you came from. This helps you value each person you encounter and treat everyone with respect.  


Here’s what you can expect during a coaching session:

Focus: We’ll help you become laser focused and crystal clear on your goal. You have an idea of what you want, however other things keep getting in the way of clarifying and pursuing it. You’re not sure what’s holding you back.


Raise Self Awareness: Research indicates the best leaders are self-aware and know themselves, as well as, how their behavior affects others. You may have tried many things – that don’t seem to work. You are not sure why. Others reactions are often different than what you expect. We’ll help you see and understand the authentic you.


Move to Action: We’ll assist you in creating a powerful Action Plan and empower you to move forward with confidence. Previously, you’ve made plans, although something holds you back from seeing them through to completion. Or you may have had many options and you are not sure which to choose.


Evaluate and Measure: We’ll help you develop specific measurements – so you can monitor your progress and see visual results or make tweaks as necessary.  After you take action, review your actions worked or if adjustments need to be made. In the past, you were not sure what actions to do next.  


You will drive yourself forward while we guide and support you; acting as a mirror and sounding board to help you hold yourself accountable to the goals and outcomes you have set for yourself.


Since leadership is unique in each situation, we want to talk and discuss with you what your unique coaching needs are. Our coaches have experience in executive roles and in coaching others to new levels of success. We are educated in business and can assist you in addressing both hard and soft skills. In this type of coaching, the relationship between coach and client is extremely important. 



Still not sure coaching is for you? Contact us to schedule a complimentary 30 minute discovery session.


1/1 Coaching package with Chaz Scarbrough  / Your On-Call Coach

This includes coaching and unlimited telephone and email access during established period we work together. Based on client’s availability, sessions are either, face-to-face, skype, or conference call. At the conclusion you’ll have developed a Goal Action Worksheet and a Strategic Project Plan to guide and direct your success.


$525 for 3 / 1 hour sessions   Technical Requirement: SKYPE ID

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