In the past, did you have a coach in a sport or a teacher with an extracurricular activity? If so, you know and understand the value the coaching brings. Your coach saw in you what you didn’t, or maybe helped you refine the outcome you sought. The fact is, every individual at the top of their field, whether a professional athlete, business legend or political leader surrounds themselves with coaches and advisers. Good business coaches help their clients get outstanding results.



Our coaching packages are intensive sessions which include coaching and unlimited telephone and email access. Based on client’s availability, sessions will be either, face-to-face, Skype, or conference call. At the conclusion you’ll have a Goal Action Worksheet and a Strategic Project Plan to guide and direct your success.



Still not sure coaching is for you? Contact us for a complimentary 30 minute discovery session.



Social Media Marketing Coaching. This coaching package is used for developing or refining your social media marketing for your business. We’ll help you by walking you through the steps to setup accounts & campaigns on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and/or other business social networking sites. Did you know as of 2012 facebook has 1 billion users? Yes, that's billion.  Price includes custom content for your business for three months.


So if you're interested in growing your sales, and learning how to quickly find customers who can benefit from your products and services - then let's get busy!

$900 for 4 / 1 hour sessions Technical Requirement: Skype ID


Business Blueprint of Success. We’ll help you develop a plan specifically for YOUR personal HR needs and vision of success.  We’ll work with you using best practices and success principles to achieve growth through mentoring around people issues, and marketing to increase cash and overall business performance improvements. We also offer help in creating a customized blog and can provide customized content.


$525 for 3 / 1 hour sessions   Technical Requirement: Skype ID



Please reload is a minority female-owned company      which celebrates diversity in the workforce!

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