Each team member has managerial experience in private or public sector or both, have received certification training in their specialty area and have held senior management positions. We consider this to be crucial as it helps ensure that we can demonstrate a real, practical understanding of organizations and the ability to work well with managers and their teams at all levels. We are also passionate about giving back as all team members give back to their communities. 

Darryl Robinson, Business Development Liaison is a  certified Steven Covey Coach and dynamic Trainer & Consultant, who is dedicated to serving the business community with over twenty-five years’ experience. Read full bio

David McNamee, Ph.D (abd) - Strategic Partner is a certified independent leadership and Strategic Planning coach, teacher and speaker with the John Maxwell Team. He is also our resident Servant Leadership Trainer.

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Chaz Scarbrough, M.A. is a Master Certified Executive & Business Coach, skilled facilitator, effective trainer and engaging speaker. She is CEO and Founder of eLeadership.com 

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Debra Walsh, CPT   

Debra Walsh is the Principal of The Human Capital Connection, LLC and is a certified professional leadership & transformation coach. Debra helps individuals and groups identify their limiting beliefs, paradigms, and road blocks to attain a higher level of professional and personal satisfaction and success reaching their purpose, vision and goals.

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 eLeadership.com is a minority female-owned company      which celebrates diversity in the workforce!

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