A recently promoted professional who has recently been promoted from individual contributor to a leadership position. You'll learn how to balance workloads, win respect, manage other people successfully, inspire and motivate your team, and handle difficult career and role transitions.



A high-potential employee who needs ‘next-step’ preparation. You'll learn communication, team-building, and personal effectiveness skills that make you a natural candidate for promotion.



A manager who seeks promotion and has been struggling in with their leadership skills. You'll learn coaching & mentoring, influencing skills and career management strategies. Being able to apply these techniques identifies you as a potential leader of your organization.



A business owner or executive who is seeking to inspire and improve their company or perhaps considering cutting back on their hours, and want to strategically identify and groom their replacement(s).  We also empower business owners with tools and resources to help grow their business. 


Individuals seeking values based leadership skills 

and are obsessed with becoming a more self aware, conscious leader by investing in themselves.

Our clients are located all over the world, work in a multitude of professions and employed at a variety of career levels. This diversity provides exposure to different global problems, solutions and ways of thinking. We can help you if you are: 


 eLeadership.com is a minority female-owned company      which celebrates diversity in the workforce!

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